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Security Door


1) back door and jam did not make the customer feel as secure in their home as they wanted






1) No Screen door or security door for extra barrier


1) Install security door with deadbolt lock and locking handle

Hints and tips:

1) There are many different security doors out there.  You may pay more by going to a store that specializes in security screen doors, but will probably get quicker delivery than going to a big box store such as Home Depot

2)  Most security doors need at least an inch on the outside of the door jam for the frame of the security door

3)  Most security doors are attached with security, one way screws.  These require a special drill bit which will be sold separately from the door.

4) Pre-drilling holes the correct width and depth is important so you do not strip a 1 way screw.

5) if you need to remove a one way screw, it requires a special extraction tool, or you can cut a groove in the screw and use a flat head screw driver to remove.

6). To measure for your security door, measure the width on the inside of the doors encasement at the top, in the middle, and at the bottom of the encasement, for height follow the same method.  Check frame to be square and plumb during this step.

7) typically security doors will not come with handle hardware, so remember this to save on trips to the store.



If you have an issue like the one described above or need other door repair, click the contact” tab to the right and let Screw Loose? LLC take care of the rest.


Thanks for your time, I hope this helps………………………………..

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