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Rotten Fence Posts


15′ section of fence was being propped up by a large concrete cylinder on the back side, one post snapped (seen in picture)



Water damage to entire fence, especially three  posts holding up this section of fence.  Fence section is set on a slight slope causing years of soil to settle on fence posts for this section.  Current posts were set in minimal cement and dirt was the majority of what they were set in, causing major rot.



Remove  existing posts.  Dig and set 4″X6″ posts, using concrete set at 24″ depth, formed to assist the run off of water.  Attempt to keep fence picket and support in tact to reuse.



Hints and tips:

1)  Refer to the picture to the right to see what water and possible insects will do to a fence post over time.  Not setting your posts the full depth in cement and poor drainage away from posts can cause this to occur.  This post was a 4″X4″, and turned into a 2″X2″.

2)  When setting posts on a slope, make sure the hole is at least 24″ deep on the low side of the slope (using 10′ posts helps here), and slope the concrete to assist in water run off.  if a post is installed on flat area, dome the cement up so water does not sit on wood.

3)  If you are digging out old posts, make sure you have access to a jack hammer, or large hammer drill to make the job a lot easier.  some times you can dig the hole next to the existing post, but other times the new post needs to be in the exact location and you need to break out old concrete.

4) Always call your local utility company to mark before you dig new holes.

5)  Recycling/reusing old Pickett sections will save on materials for this project.

6)  Using 4″X6″ posts that are pressure treated will give your fence the most stability and longevity.

7)  When you have a long section of fence, and an open back yard, make sure your fence pickets are spaced enough to let wind travel through.

8)  Using props, and braces to keep your fence from falling may help from a d ay or two, but could make the fence problem more serious and dangerous.  When you see your fence having structural issues, a proactive response will cost less.


If you have an issue like the one described above or need other fence/gate repair at your home, click the contact” tab to the right and let Screw Loose? LLC take care of the rest.

 Thanks for your time, I hope this helps………………………………..

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