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Garbage Disposal Repair


The dishwasher backed up into sink and when the garbage disposal did not work when customer turned it on.  The water slowly drained out of the sink.  The garbage disposal motor sounded, but the blades did not move.  Eventually the motor breaker switch popped.  The customer stopped and called Screw Lose? LLC


1) The garbage disposal blades were jammed. Not with a foreign object, but due to the age of the disposal.


1)  Use Allen wrench that comes with the disposal, insert into bottom receptacle and turn clockwise

Hints and tips:

1)  Lots of people throw away the wrench that comes with a disposal, but this proves a perfect time to keep that free handy toll under your kitchen sink.  There are cheaper disposals that do not have the Allen wrench option.  In these cases, cut the power to disposal and use a flat head screw driver to free the teeth of the disposal.

2)  Never put your hands in a garbage disposal unless you are positive there is no power to the disposal (unplug, or turn off the breaker)

3)  Many times a disposal will jam due to rust when it has not been used for a while, or is an older disposal

4)  Rice and coffee grounds can be a nightmare on your pipes if put in the disposal, or down the drain.  Composting is a good way to get rid of coffee grounds.  You can compost rice, but it takes a long time to break down.

If you have issues like the one described above or need a garbage disposal installed for your home, click the “contact” tab to the right and let Screw Loose? LLC take care of the rest.

 Thanks for your time, I hope this helps………………………………..

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