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Pressure Washing a Fence


The fence was showing sings of water damage , heat damage,and the stain was dull and peeling.



1) The sprinklers had been hitting the fence for 7 years

2) The fence had not been stained or power washed since constructed 7 years ago.


1) power wash and stain

2) modify sprinkler system to avoid future water damage

Hints and tips:

1) You can rent a power sprayer at any home depot or lowes

2)  When using power sprayer, choosing the correct tip is crucial so you do not damage the wood, this is more tricky if you want to remove an old stain as you will need stronger power, but will have a higher chance of damaging the wood

3)  Using large smooth strokes is important so you do not leave gouges in the wood from the power sprayer

4) When cleaning your fence it is a good time to tighten all of the gate hinges and hardware as well hammer in those nails that have worked free over time.

5)  Pick a warm day to use the power sprayer as you will get wet.

6)  You should try to stain and protect the wood within a week of power spraying


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Thanks for your time, I hope this helps………………………………..

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