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March Preventative Home Maintenance Tips

Welcome March!

It seems too soon to say spring is around the corner, but…..spring is around the corner.   Not only does March bring spring, it also brings  St Patrick’s day, Day light savings time.  Give your home some Irish luck going into the next season by following the below proactive home maintenance tips.

1)  Check faucets for drips and all your plumbing for leaks throughout the house.  Repairing these leaks will keep your water bills down and reduces the potential for major plumbing issues in the future.

2)  Day light savings time begins(March 11th). This is a good time to change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

3)  Celebrate spring by cleaning the garage, hold a yard sale or organize a neighborhood yard sale.  Dispose of paint thinners, household cleaners and pesticides properly.  Check your local public works to see next hazardous materials pick up.

4)  Clean your refrigerator , inside and out.  Remove all trays and shelves, wash, and allow to dry thoroughly before replacing.  Remove old ice from ice tray.

5)  After heavy rains, inspect basement walls for signs of moisture.  If detected, get a portable dehumidifier.  If condition persists, consult a waterproofing contractor.

6)  Check to make sure your sump pump works properly by pouring water into the pump silo to raise the float and activate motor.

7)  Test the pressure and temperature relief valve on your water heater by opening it and allowing some water to flow out.  If little or no water flows out, or it does not shut off, replace it.  bad valves can cause explosions.

bad vs good tmp valve

bad and good temperature and pressure relief valve








8)  Change your furnace filter, and change every 3 months or sooner.

If you need assistance with the above preventative home maintenance tips or have other home project needs, click the “contact” button to the right and let Screw Loose?LLC  take care of the rest. 

Thanks for your time, I hope this helps………..


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