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June Preventative Home Maintenance Tips



Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Flag Day!

Welcome June!  This month kids are out of school and summer begins. Your home will have a lot more traffic in the upcoming months.   Below are some home maintenance tips to use this month to help your house survive through the summer months ahead.

1)  Remove weeds growing in cracks of patios, sidewalks and driveways.  seal cracks in driveways with appropriate elastic concrete sealer.

2)  Clean, stain/paint and seal decks

3)  Inspect and clean chimneys.  Doing this before fall gives you plenty of time to do repairs if needed after the sweep.

4)  Wash the exterior of your house with garden hose or pressure washer.  Beware of the pressure when you have siding as water can get forced under the siding causing potential for mold and mildew

5)  Caulk exterior joints of windows and doors.

6)  Clean lint from entire clothes dryer system, from dryer to exterior vent cap.

7)  Inspect and repair, or repaint/stain all patio and deck furniture

8)  Clean or replace carpets

9)  Change your furnace filter, especially if you use central A/C

If you need any assistance with the above tips or would like a home consult for any other home project needs, click the “contact” tab on the right and let Screw Loose? LLC take care of the rest.

Thanks for your time, I hope this helps……….



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