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Garbage Disposal Not Working?


Disposal makes a humming noise when switched on.  Then no response when switched on again.


 Attempt to push reset button, attempt to free blades with Allan Wrench.  Replace Garbage Disposal if above solutions were not effective.

Hints and Tips:

1)  A reset button is typically located on the bottom of the disposal and is red.  Disposals act as their own circuit breaker, so you do not have to go to the main circuit board to reset.

2)  Most disposals will come with an Allen wrench.  If your disposal does not sound like it is spinning, it could have something caught in it.  Insert wrench into location (typically at bottom of disposal) and turn both directions until it spins freely.  Turn on disposal and see if it is working.

3)  If you are going out of town for extended periods of time, make sure there is not standing water in the disposal drain.  Rust can form while you are gone, stopping the disposal wheel.  you can avoid this by getting a “rust free” disposal which are usually a bit more expensive.

4)  If your disposal is properly maintained and used appropriately, the average life is typically 10-12 years.

5)  Always keep your owners manual as it will inform you how to maintain your disposal to get the longest life possible.

6)  Never stick your hand in disposal unless the power is off, usually by unplugging it under sink.

If you need assistance repairing your garbage disposal, or have any other plumbing repairs, click the contact button to the right and let Screw Loose? LLC take care of the rest.

Thanks for your time, I hope this helps……..

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