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Fence Repair: Wind Damage


A 30′ section was blown Dow in a large wind storm fence.


1) Three posts had rotted and snapped

2) Original posts were set in cement at the base and then dirt the last 12″, promoting water collection and rot to occur.


1) Reset 3 posts in cement

2) Replace cross beams and pickets as necessary

Hints and tips:

1) Try to reuse as much as the old segment of fence as possible to avoid an eye sore for your neighbors.  Place long 2x4s at angle to prop up sections of the fence that are savable, while you work on the posts

2)  The fence post hole should be 1/3 of the fence post height and double the post diameter.

3)  Use an old wheel barrel to mix cement with a garden hoe.

4) Place 6″ of pebble rock at bottom of hole before placing post in ground as this will facilitate drainage and prolong the life of the post

5)  Check you fence and posts 1x /year to assess for water damages and replace or re-support as necessary to avoid having Mother Nature tell you your fence is weak.

6) Make sure you communicate the fence repairs with your neighbor as repairing a fence could mean intrusion into another yard


If you have an issue like the one described above or need other fence/gate repair at your home, click the contact” tab to the right and let Screw Loose? LLC take care of the rest.

 Thanks for your time, I hope this helps………………………………..

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