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Chimney Repair

Problem:  Loose chimney bricks fell away after wind storm,  Several more broke away while starting the repair

Solution:  Use new mortar and old bricks (if possible) to rebuild top of chimney,   fill in mortar joints that look weak, apply mortar cap to strengthen chimney as a whole



Hints and Tips:

1)  Do not attempt this project if you have not had experience working on a roof.  Call a professional as an injury will cost more.

2)  If you live in an old home, this will occur to your brick if it has not been previously cared for.  Examine your brick construction annually, focusing on areas that get a lot of sun or are exposed to wind.

3)  If you don’t have a matching brick, the “big box” stores will not be able to match.  Search for a “brick matcher”  in your area.

4) Expect a few other bricks to break free when you start a project like this.  If the brick is stable it will hold while it is chiseled around.

5)  If you see bricks laying around your yard and they match your house, keep them as you may need a matching brick for a project like this down the road.

If you have bricks coming off of your chimney, or have other masonry project needs, click on the contact button and let Screw Loose? LLC take care of the rest.

Thanks for your time, I hope this helps……..


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