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Broken Light Bulb Removal


1)  Light bulb has broken and can not be removed

2)  Light bulb will not turn and the fear of breaking it is there

Stuck Light Bulb



1)  Use needle nose pliers and a small paper bag to remove light bulb safely



Hints and Tips:

1)  Always cut the power at the switch, or unplug lamp before attempting this project.  If the project makes you uncomfortable, call a professional.

2)  If gentle wiggling and twisting does not do the trick, get ready to break it.  do not force the bulb out or it will break before you are prepared.

3)  Cover bulb with your small paper and begin twisting (lefty Loosey) and the bulb will break within the bag.

4) Only twist bulb, don’t grip hard as you risk ripping the bag.

5)  Once broken, take needle nose pliers, stick in socket, spread until they grip the socket wall and twist to the left.  If that does not work, grip the sides of the socket, pry away from fixture socket and twist to the left.


If you have an issue like the one described above or need other light related projects, click the “contact ” button to the right and let Screw Loose? LLC do the rest

 Thanks for your time, I hope this helps………………………………..

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