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August Preventive Home Maintenance Tips

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August already!?

Here are a few things to do this month to keep your house running smoothly as the summer months wind down.  Beat the heat by doing some interior projects and maintenance to your home.

1)  Inspect your deck, both surface and underneath.  Clean all debris from surface with a hose, or blower as they can cause decay and mildew.

2)  Clean the condenser coils on the back or under your refrigerator.

3)  Check faucets for leaks and replace washers or repair the faucet as necessary.

4)  Clean under range hood.  remove and replace range hood filters

5)  Fix “water hammer”  noises in plumbing system by draining the system.  Open uppermost faucet(farthest from meter) and lowest faucet(closest to meter), allowing water to flow to the lower sink, restoring air to air chambers.  close lowest faucet and refill system.

6)  Plan interior remodeling projects and get estimates.

If you need assist with the above tips or have any other home project needs, click the “contact” button to the right and let Screw Loose? LLC take care of the rest.

Thanks for your time, I hope this helps……….

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