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December Preventative Home Maintenance Tips

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December is here!

The holidays are in full swing and people are beginning preparations to their homes for the next round of visitors.  Below are some hints and tips to get you and your home through another month of the holiday season.

1)  Check/Replace disposable furnace filters monthly during the heating season, or clean reusable filters bimonthly.  have a professional tune up your furnace annually and get your ducts cleaned every 5-6 years.  This will reduce heating costs and have you breathing cleaner air.

2)  Check the operation of all “ground- fault circuit interrupter” outlets throughout house.  Do this by pushing “test” button.  The “reset” button should pop out, indicating proper function.  Push “reset” button back in.  You will find these outlets near any source of water, including outdoors.

3)  Review the family fire escape plan with every household member

4)  Unpack and test all electrical holiday decorations.  Repair or discard those that are not functioning properly.

5)  Watch for sales on tools before and after the holidays.


If you need holiday preparations, or have a current project to get done before visitors arrive, click the “contact” button to the right and let Screw Loose? LLC take care of the rest.

Happy Holidays!  I hope this helps………………..

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