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Leaking Toilets

Problem:  1)  Water is running in the toilet all the time

2)  The toilet sounds like it is hissing

3)  The toilet flushes itself

4)  I hear a drip from the toilet and it will fill every once in a while

5)  The water bill has doubled or tripled



Solution:  1) Adjust the flapper, get a new flapper, and/or get a new fill valve

2)  Replace the fill valve

3) Replace the flapper

4)  Replace the flapper

5)  Check all toilets in your home for symptoms 1-4, and check every faucet in and outside your home for leaks


Hints and tips:

1)  When having issues with the tank of your toilet is is always best to replace the flapper and the fill valve at once.  This is referred to as the “guts” of your toilet.

2)  Most toilet leaks are related to a bad flapper or fill valve.  These parts cost as low as 15$.  However, not tending to these issues can cost you hundreds a month in water bills.

3)  Don’t be afraid of toilet repairs, remember, water in the tank is clean, water in the bowl is not.

4)  If you see water on the floor, the issue is more serious and you should shut off the water to the toilet and call a professional

5)  You can test your tank for leaks by putting food coloring in and waiting 10 min and see if the color is in the bowl.

6)  Sometimes a minor adjustment to the fill valve will stop water from flowing over the flush valve and stop the running toilet.

7)  Check for toilet symptoms before the holidays and family arriving as most toilet issues happen at the most inconvenient times.


If you have a leaking toilet and the above tips did not help, or if you have any other toilet issues, click the contact button to the right and let Screw Loose? take care of the rest.


Thanks for your time, I hope this helps….


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