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October Proactive Home Maintenance Tips

Hello October!

This is the month of monsters, ghosts and probably a bunch of kids running around with sugar frenzy.  Don’t let your home become spooked in October, using the following tips to prevent bigger issues from arising around your home this month and months to follow.


1) Clean out roof gutters and down spouts.  This might be done toward the end of the month after all the leaves have fallen. Ensure downspouts and extensions are taking water away from the foundation.

2) Detach all hoses in case of freezing temperatures

3) Remove all paints, caulks and liquid materials from garages and garden sheds, unless they are heated.

4)  Inspect weather stripping around windows and doors, repair and replace as necessary

5)  Check thermostats and set to winter schedule, good time to change the batteries, if applicable

6)  Check gauges on home fire extinguishers, ensuring full charge, replace if necessary.

7)  Blow out sprinkler systems ( this can wait till late in the month , unless the cold is settling in).  better to be safe than sorry………..


blown PVB due to bad winterization


If you would like to tackle some of the projects above, click the contact” tab to the right and let Screw Loose? LLC take care of the rest.


Thanks for your time, I hope this helps………………

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