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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Studio-Shed: Door Installation

Today’s project:  Today, Screw Loose?  LLC teamed up with Studio-Shed to assist them in building a prototype for new style of Studio Shed.  Please visit their website at to view their current and “coming soon” shed lines.  During this project we installed an external French door, windows, external wainscoting, and the siding/trim. Hints and … Continue reading »

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Organization: Garage Clutter

Problem:  Over time we slowly collect “things”, then over time we loose interest in these “things”.  When we lose interest we usually try to stash these items around the house, sometimes thinking we will gain interest at a future date.  The garage is the most typical place for people to put “things”.  Then reaches the … Continue reading »

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Electrical: 3-way switch

Problem:  The Light switch for stairway would not turn on.  The Switch is a 3-way, and it could not be determined which switch was bad.  The switches were slowly going out over the last few months and finally went out.  The customer attempted to switch out one of the light switches.  When the wiring was … Continue reading »

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